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April showers bring the Repeat Login Campaign No. 10, which began on Thursday, April 10, with a number of returning items like the Ark Angel statues, newly added items such as the Phlox, Russet, and Aster Yggrete Shards for the new Delve areas, along with the Pirate's Chart and Brigand's Chart, and the new Cipher: Luzaf among the rewards.

Through May 8, adventurers can also obtain special Meeble Burrows rewards (including Arise and Meteor scrolls and the new Mundus Shield), double Simulacrum Segments from Reives, special rewards in seal Battlefields, and various Abyssea bonuses.

The version update took place on Monday, April 7. This time around, we have HP/MP adjustments to better even the playing field for all races, a new quest to acquire new, powerful job-specific weapons, High Tier Battlefield missions for Tenzen and Ouryu, and a multitude of other tweaks and additions.

Click here to check out the 11th Vana'versary past and present event calendar.

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